Recommended Website Builders

Celery works with any website builder as long as it accepts custom HTML code. Sellers should include their product information and business policies directly on the website, and use Celery only for the checkout.

Celery is most frequently installed with the following website builders:


This is by far the most popular way to use Celery. Many merchants use Shopify for in-stock sales and Celery for new offerings. By doing so, there's no disruption to their existing operations and they have the flexibility to launch new products frequently with little risks.


Squarespace is another popular option that it used to create a beautiful website quickly. However, Squarespace doesn't support SSL certification, which may cause some referral information to be lost in Google Analytics. Furthermore, buyers often look to see that a site is SSL secure before placing orders.


While WordPress is extremely customizable, installing Celery may require more technical experience. You may want to be sure you have a developer on hand (or anyone familiar with WordPress) to ensure you get Celery installed properly.


Celery works out of box with Strikingly so this is the easiest option. We recommend Strikingly if you need to launch a pre-order site quickly.

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