Fulfill with Fulfillrite


Fulfillrite delivers a seamless order fulfillment experience integrated with the latest e-commerce platforms, with fast worldwide shipping, simple setup and easy access to real-time order and inventory data.  To learn more or get a quote, visit http://fulfillrite.com or email us at info@fulfillrite.com.

Getting Started

1. Navigate to “Settings” located in the top navigation bar.    
2. Under Settings, click on “Apps.”

3. Copy your Celery User ID and Access Token and provide it to Fulfillrite.

4. Please make sure the “Order Fulfilled” notification is turned on under your Celery notification settings so that the customer gets an email when their order ships.

Once you’re set up. 

Fulfillrite will automatically import orders and then proceed with shipping them out. Orders received by 1pm EST M-T or on Friday by 12pm EST will be shipped out the same day.  Following order shipment, your order in Celery will be updated to fulfilled (shipped) status and tracking info will added to the order.

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