Changing the funding source for PayPal pre-approved payments


The following instructions will help buyers update their payment method in PayPal (also known as payment source), so that their orders can be charged. This is helpful if you were notified that your payment has been declined or if you need to update an expired/incorrect credit card.

Alternatively, buyers may simply choose to add sufficient funds to their PayPal Balance to cover the cost of the purchase (easiest method).

After making any changes, please notify the seller so that the order can be charged.

Getting Started

Step 1: After logging into your PayPal account, click on the "gear icon" to open your Settings.

Step 2: Find your "preapproved payments" by clicking on Payments > Preapproved Payments.

Step 3: Click on the "preapproved payment plans" link.

Step 4: Select the correct Celery preapproved payment charge.

When the order was placed, buyers will have also received a confirmation email from PayPal with the preapproval key.

Step 5: Click on "Change" at the bottom.

Step 6: Select or add a new payment source.

Step 7: Notify the seller so that they charge the order.

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