Fulfill with eFulfillment Service


eFulfillment Service (EFS) provides end-to-end Internet fulfillment services for online retailers of all sizes. To learn more or get a quote, visit http://www.eFulfillmentService.com or contact sales@efulfillmentservice.com. 

Because EFS is fully integrated with Celery, they will automatically fulfill orders based on your predefined business rules.

Getting Started

Step 1: Provide your Celery Access Token to EFS.

Step 2: Inform EFS which business rules you would like to use for fulfillment (e.g., fulfill all paid orders).

Step 3: EFS will automatically import orders from Celery to fulfill.

Once an order has been shipped, EFS will update your Celery order with the tracking number and trigger the fulfillment success email notification (if enabled).

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