Fulfill with Shipwire


Use Shipwire to fulfill your orders. Orders in Celery can be easily submitted to Shipwire and will automatically be updated with the tracking number when the order has been fulfilled.

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  • This is a public beta.
  • Ensure that the orders you are fulfilling is paid.
  • If you have deleted products or variants, please email help@trycelery.com. We'll make sure your SKUs are mapped properly.

Getting Started

Step 1: Activate Shipwire from your Celery account settings.

Your Shipwire API credentials can be configured here.  

Step 2: Set your SKUs in Celery

The SKU can be any alphanumeric character so it's under your discretion. However, please ensure the following:
  1. Maximum 16 characters.
  2. No spaces.
  3. Keep it distinct to prevent confusion.

Step 3: Define your SKUs in Shipwire

Navigate to your Shipwire product manager and follow the on screen instructions. Your Shipwire product SKU must match your Celery product SKU configured in step 2

Once all products are defined, double check your inventory manager to ensure that everything is accurate. 

Step 4: Review for accuracy and completeness

Any errors will cause fulfillment to fail. Please ensure all SKUs are matching and are free from typos.

How it works

Sending your first shipment

To send your first shipment, navigate to your Celery orders dashboard.

Check off relevant orders and click Fulfill with Shipwire located inside your bulk actions dropdown

The fulfillment status should momentarily change to Pending (while the bulk action is taking place) and then ultimately change to Processing. This means order details were successfully sent to Shipwire.

Potential outcomes

Fulfilled - Order was successfully shipped. Your order will automatically be updated with the tracking number and any serial numbers.
Processing - Order was sent to Shipwire for processing.
Failed - Order failed to ship. You cancelled the shipment of this order from the Shipwire dashboard.
Held - Order flagged by Shipwire and is on hold. This could be due to an invalid address.

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