Transition FAQ

What is the absolute last day I can use Celery?

  • Celery will cease operations on 7/15/19. After that, our seller dashboard, API, and any services powered by Celery will no longer be active

Will I be able to still access my Celery dashboard before the sunset?

  • Yes, prior to 7/15/19, you will be able to use Celery to charge and fulfill orders directly from your dashboard. Our existing order notification system will also be operational.

What about support? Will there be anyone to help me during this transition period?

  • Yes, you can contact us at

Where can I get all my existing order information?

I am still using Celery right now — what do I do?

  • Our integrated checkout will continue accept orders, and you can continue to charge and fulfill orders from your dashboard. However, as the sunset date approaches, our order and charge support will become limited so we highly recommend that you start the transition process soon.

What are the main things that I need to do to transition?

  • First, you’ll need to find a new ecommerce solution if you want to continue to have ecommerce capabilities on your site.

  • Second, you’ll need to remove any Celery code from your website as the embedded products will not work after 7/15/19.

  • If you have pre-orders that are uncharged, you’ll need to charge them before 7/15/19 or do it after that date from your Stripe account.

  • We also recommend doing an orders export on your Orders page to make sure you have access to your customers’ data.

  • When we deactivate your account, we will also delete all of your user data.

What order and fulfillment solutions should I use instead?

  • There are many great e-commerce solutions available. While we don’t directly integrate into them, you can consider using services like Shopify, Gumroad, Selz, Foxycart, or Snipcart.

What’s happening to the Celery team?

  • The Celery team will continue to support entrepreneurs and creative projects at Indiegogo.

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