Indiegogo InDemand


Our partnership with Indiegogo allows creators on Celery to grow their community and reach new audiences with Indiegogo InDemand, a vibrant community marketplace of 15 million early adopters and product enthusiasts.

Getting Started

To activate InDemand for your account, email

Celery and Indiegogo will then review your account for eligibility. If you previously ran a crowdfunding campaign, listing your product on InDemand is very fast. If you haven't run a crowdfunding campaign, we'll work with you to get your product listed on InDemand.


What is Indiegogo InDemand?
Indiegogo InDemand is a community marketplace of 15 million unique visitors. When you list your product on InDemand, you'll have a dedicated product page on Indiegogo where buyers will be able to discover and purchase your product. You can think of InDemand as another channel of sales for your business.

Examples of Celery + InDemand merchants include Barracuda, Bluesmart, SmartHalo, and River Horse (developers of the board game Labyrinth).

How do I set up InDemand?

If you previously ran a crowdfunding campaign, listing your product on InDemand is very fast. Indiegogo will ask you to review a mockup of your InDemand page based on your existing crowdfunding campaign (you'll have the opportunity to make any edits). Once you approve, your InDemand page would be published and you'd have access to their buyers.

To get activated, email

How is InDemand different from crowdfunding on Indiegogo or Kickstarter?
With InDemand, there are no funding goals or timelines. You will not need to worry about the upkeep of managing a crowdfunding campaign.

How much does InDemand cost?

Orders placed from InDemand community marketplace will be charged a 5% platform fee. Orders placed through the Celery checkout will be charged 2%.

Can I continue selling through Celery or on my own website?
Absolutely! You are welcome to continue selling through Celery, as there is no requirement to sell exclusively through Indiegogo.

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