Risk Analysis


Risk Analysis flags orders that might be fraudulent so that you can investigate them before processing. The Celery dashboard will display an orange shield next to orders with high risk. This will help you spot potential issues and prevent chargebacks.

Indicators of fraud include:
  • invalid CVC validation
  • invalid Billing ZIP validation
  • mismatch of credit card country and shipping address country
  • same IP address being used for multiple orders
  • whether buyer tried 3 or more payment cards while checking out
  • Sift Science score of 60 or greater (please contact help@trycelery.com to get set up)

How do I view all of my high risk orders?

Use Celery's order filters to display only high risk orders: https://dashboard.trycelery.com/orders?riskLevel=high.

How do I block high risk orders at checkout?

In addition to confirming the buyer identities of high risk orders, you should decline charges that fail CVC or Billing ZIP validation. This can be accomplished from the Stripe dashboard.

What happens if an order isn't fraudulent?

If an order is marked as high risk, we recommend that you reach out to the buyer to confirm their identity before charging or fulfilling the order. Once the buyer's identity is verified, you can mark the order as not fraudulent. This will remove the high risk tag from the order, so that your team knows it's safe to process.

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