How do I set up a product?


Before accepting any orders, you must create at least one product to sell. With Celery, you can sell physical products, digital downloads, or services. At the very minimum, all products must have a name and price.

Other optional product attributes include:
  • description: short description
  • image: visual representation of product that is displayed in checkout
  • sku: used to identify product during fulfillment
  • taxable: some services or products like warranties are not taxable
  • inventory limits: limit the total number of items sold
  • publish: toggle to show your product in your store


If you're selling a t-shirt in a number of different sizes or colors, you can create product variants to show your customers all the options they can choose from. As a result, buyers can easily pick a specific color and size rather than having to navigate through multiple products that are very similar.

Show me how to add an option or variant to a product.

Inventory Limits

Inventory limits prevent sellers from overselling. If no inventory is available, the Celery checkout will display "Sold Out" and prevent buyers from adding to cart.

Show me how to set up inventory limits.

Getting Started

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click Create Product and proceed to fill out relevant product information like name and price

Step 3: Click Save to save any changes

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