Abandoned Cart Recovery


A majority of buyers will fail to complete their purchase for various reasons. This can range from buyer hesitation, unexpected shipping and tax costs to simply forgetting to finish.

Celery allows you to address these concerns by auto-emailing buyers who have failed to purchase. 


  1. You must be using our one-page checkout
  2. The abandoned cart recovery email is not customizable.


Turn on cart recovery in your Celery checkout settings

Set the minute delay of the recovery email and that's it. 

How it works

Once a buyer inputs their email, Celery will auto-schedule an email to be sent at a specified amount of minutes later. 

If the buyer purchases before the email is sent, the abandoned cart email will be cancelled automatically.

Abandoned Cart Email Copy

Hi {{Name}},

We noticed that you left the following items in your cart.

Product A x 1
Product B x 1

Click below if you’re still interested or email us at {{Seller Email}} and we’ll be happy to address any questions or concerns.

{{Complete Your Purchase Button}}

The email above cannot be customized at the moment but this feature is planned. 

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