How do I set up shipping?

Getting Started

Step 1

Navigate to your Celery shipping settings to get started. You should notice two things:
  1. A rule called "Default".
  2. Button to create a new shipping rule on the top right. 
The "default" rule is the shipping cost for all products unless specified otherwise. Please configure this first. 

Step 2

The next step is to configure custom shipping rates for all other products. If you only have one product or plan to charge the same shipping rate for all products, ignore this step. You are already done. 

To set up a custom shipping rate, click "Create Shipping Rule" and follow the steps outlined in the video tutorial above. 

Step 3

Test and confirm shipping is set up correctly. 

Common Use Cases

The use cases can range from simple to complex so please don't hesitate to email us if you need assistance. Below are some of the most common ways this feature is used. 

Small and Large Item

You will need to set up two shipping rules, one for small items and one for large items.

Free Shipping On Specific Products

You can create an "empty" shipping rule and add products that require free shipping into that. 

US and International Shipping

Each shipping table will allow you to set a "Rest of World" rate and a country specific rate. 

Important Notes

  1. Shipping rules are applied to entire products (not specific variants).
  2. Any product without a shipping rule associated will be in the default rule automatically.

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