How do I limit number of products sold?


  1. Cancellations or refunds will not re-add inventory.
  2. Retroactively editing existing orders has no impact on inventory count.


Inventory limits prevent sellers from overselling. If no inventory is available, the Celery checkout will display "Sold Out" and prevent buyers from adding to cart. Alternatively, when an order is successfully placed, the product's inventory count will decrement by the number of units purchased.

Getting Started

Step 1: Click the "Limit total units sold" checkbox in your Celery product editor.

An inventory of 0 means that the product is sold out.

If the buyer attempts to place an order with more units than is available, the Celery checkout will notify the buyer that the product is sold out.

Step 2: Input the desired inventory for each product or variant.

If you do not want certain variants to be sold out, set a very high number (e.g., 99,999). Products and variants with an inventory count of 0 will be marked as sold out.

If the Inventory checkbox is unselected, the product will have unlimited inventory. 

Step 3: Save your product.

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