Reports on products sold, orders placed, and money raised


Reports allow sellers to keep better track of their sales by offering real-time insights on how many units were sold, monies received, and outstanding charges.


  • Reports should not be used for accounting purposes. They are designed to give sellers a quick insight into their order volume over a period of time.
  • Previously deleted products or variants may not display properly.

Getting Started

Sellers can access Reports in their Celery dashboard (Dashboard > Reports). Reports can be filtered by date: today, yesterday, past 7 days (default), past 30 days, year to date, and all time.

Difference from Old Reports

  • Orders: New reports only counts charged and chargeable orders (old reports counted all orders, including cancelled and refunded).
  • Volume: New reports shows breakout of charged vs. chargeable volume (old reports only showed the total volume).
  • Products: New reports no longer shows number of products, but rather units sold.



  • Charged: Sum of "paid" orders only.
  • Chargeable: Sum of "unpaid" and "failed" orders.


  • Product: Product name.
  • Variant: Variant name.
  • Units: Total units sold excluding refunds and cancellations.
  • Volume: Units sold x unit price (excludes shipping, taxes, discounts, and adjustment amounts).

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