Order Filters Overview


Order filters allows you to easily manage high volumes of orders within your Celery dashboard. Some common use cases:
  1. Filter unpaid orders and initiate a bulk charge.
  2. Fulfill orders in batches (i.e. by country, product, etc).
  3. Sort out orders with failed charges to make it easier to spot and manage.

Getting Started

At the top of your Celery orders dashboard, click on the "Filters" drop down.

You'll be prompted to select a filter. This will contain a couple parameters that you can filter by.

Product Name - Filter by product contained within an order.
Order Status - See all open or cancelled orders.
Payment Status - Display paidunpaid or refunded orders.
Fulfillment Status - Show an orders fulfillment status.
Payment Method - Sort out orders paid with Stripe or PayPal.
Shipping Country - Filter by a buyer's shipping country.

Keep in mind that you can apply multiple filters at the same time. In this way, you can fully manipulate your Celery orders dashboard to display any type of order.

Once your filters are set, there's a couple things that you might want to do.

1. Bulk actions only on filtered orders.
2. Export filtered list as a CSV.
3. Simply manage filtered orders from your Celery dashboard.

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