Ways to promote your product with Celery

Celery comes with several tools out of box to help you increase sales. Below are the most commonly used techniques that we've seen. 

Ways to Promote

1. Leverage 3rd Party Referral Marketing Software

From our experience, pre-orders coupled with referral promotions has shown to boost sales around 20%. If that's interesting, check out our Referral Candy integration or email Talkable for a custom-designed referrals mechanism.

2. Utilize Paid Advertising

Run campaigns on AdRoll, AdWords, Facebook + more without worrying about conversion tracking. Celery allows you to inject custom scripts onto order confirmation pages so you can accurately measure ROI. 

3. Bulk Generate and Distribute One-Time Use Coupons

Many merchants will bulk generate thousands of codes to be distributed via newsletter, display advertising or through a drip campaign via Klaviyo.

4. Hire An Agency

This is critically important. Some of the most successful merchants rely on agencies to drive sales well beyond their initial campaign.

...and much more. If you need recommendations for any of the above, feel free to email us at help@trycelery.com. 

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