Fulfill with Rush Order


Rush Order is a full-service fulfillment company offering a wide range of services and specializing in fulfillment for Silicon Valley's leading high tech firms. Please e-mail info@rushorder.com and let them know you want to integrate with Celery.

Because Rush Order is fully integrated with Celery, they will automatically fulfill orders based on your predefined business rules.

Getting Started

Step 1: Provide your Celery Access Token to Rush Order.

Step 2: Inform Rush Order which business rules you would like to use for fulfillment (e.g., fulfill all paid orders).

Rush Order also has the ability to automatically charge orders and fulfill them as inventory arrives at their warehouses.

Step 3: Rush Order will automatically import orders from Celery to fulfill.

Once an order has been shipped, Rush Order will update your Celery order with the tracking number and trigger the fulfillment success email notification (if enabled).

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