How do I fulfill and ship orders?


To fulfill orders, sellers can either self-fulfill or use one of the integrated fulfillment partners listed below.


  • Ensure that the orders you are fulfilling are paid.
  • Orders submitted and sent to ShipStation for fulfillment become locked and cannot be changed in the Celery dashboard until they are fulfilled.

Getting Started

I self-fulfill and need to add tracking numbers

Step 1: Filter your orders
In the orders dashboard select: Filter -> Payment status -> Paid

Step 2: Export paid orders
On the same page, select: Export Orders -> "Currently filtered orders" -> Export Fulfillment CSV.

Step 3: Use a shipping carrier like FedEx, USPS, or UPS to ship your product.

Step 4: Import tracking numbers.
Step 5: Once fulfilled, mark orders as fulfilled.
An automated shipment notification e-mail will be sent from Celery to your customer with tracking and carrier information.

I use a fulfillment service integrated with Celery:

  1. Bandwear
  2. eFulfillment Service
  3. Rush Order
  4. ShipStation through the Celery dashboard
  5. Shipwire through the Celery dashboard

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