How do I set up a webhook?


Use webhooks to be notified about events that happen to orders on Celery. The Celery API can send events (order.created, order.charge.succeeded, etc.) directly to your server using webhooks. The most common use of webhooks is to connect Celery with Zapier and integrate services such as MailChimp and Quickbooks.

If you're implementing webhooks on your own server, please read the Celery API documentation.


  • Webhooks will only be saved if they are secure ( https:// )

Getting Started

Step 1: Create a webhook and copy the link

Navigate to your Celery dashboard and select Settings -> AppsAt the bottom of the page click Add/Edit Webhooks.

Step 2: Paste your webhook into the URL field

Click Save.

Step 3: Test your webhook by placing an order

To ensure that the webhook is properly set up, place a test order.

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