Does Celery authorize credit cards?


No. Celery does not authorize cards for pre-orders. Doing so would permanently reduce the credit limit on a buyer's credit card and effectively act as a charge, so if you wish to guarantee the delivery of funds, the Celery recommendation is charge immediately.

For orders paid with Stripe, Celery checks that the credit/debit card is valid during checkout (e.g., Luhn check, expiration dates are valid). Sellers also have the option of enforcing the CVC check. This can be enabled from the Stripe dashboard. Thus, if the CVC does not match, the buyer will be notified to enter a correct CVC.

It is important to note that Stripe will occasionally perform their own $1 authorization to make sure the card is valid.


  • Delayed payments through Stripe can be charged until the customers credit card is expired or changed.

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