Celery Feature Tour

Welcome! You may be wondering "What's so great about Celery?" or "What's under the hood?". Aside from being the most flexible way to launch new products, take a look at our live demo and read below. 

Secure Purchase Flow

Sensitive customer information is safe with Celery. Payment information is securely transmitted using SSL encryption.

Simple Checkout

Charge Now or Charge Later

Furthermore, orders can be charged immediately or at a later date so you can tailor your workflow to your specific business needs.

Customizable Transactional Emails

There's an email for every occasion.

Flexible Order Management

Orders Dashboard

The orders work flow is intentionally designed to automate order management. With a single click, you can bulk charge, cancel or fulfill. Additionally, you can filter orders based on specific criteria (i.e. country, date range, etc.) and only bulk fulfill those particular orders.

Order Details Page

Orders can be retroactively adjusted. For example, you could change variants or add a coupon that the buyer inadvertently forgot to apply.

Buyer Self-Service Portal

Celery gives you tools to help your customers manage their own orders. For example, the order lookup portal allows buyers to update shipping and payment details without needing to contact you. And it's included for free!

Failed Charge Automation

Cards expire or banks block transactions. Celery automatically notifies buyers when there's issues charging and provides steps to rectify.

Order Fulfillment

Automated Fulfillment

Integrate Celery with Shipwire, ShipStation, Rush Order and many more. 

In-House Fulfillment

Send a CSV to your preferred fulfillment partner or fulfill yourself using our import fulfillment tool.

Workflow and Business Logic


Depending on where you're shipping to, Celery supports:
  1. Origin-based and Destination-based Sales Tax.
  2. Provincial or State Sales Tax.
  3. Country Specific Tax Rates.

Shipping Logic

Shipping costs can be charged per-unit, per-order or unique for each product. Additionally, you can restrict shipping countries to prevent sales from countries where you cannot fulfill.

3rd Party Integrations

Celery talks with 300+ apps via Zapier.

Analytics and Conversion Tracking

There's 2 ways to measure with Celery:

1. Track e-commerce conversions and referring sources via Google Analytics.
2. Inject custom affiliate, referral or conversion tracking using custom confirmation scripts.

Ready to get started? Email help@trycelery.com to speak with one of our team members. 

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