Refunds Overview


Refunds can be issued from your order details page using either the "Actions" tab or the "Refund Payment" button.

When a refund is issued from your Celery dashboard, the full order amount is refunded including all fees paid.

After an order is refunded, the Payment Status will be changed to "refunded". If the email notification for refunding orders is enabled (which is the default), then an email will automatically be sent to the buyer notifying then of the refund.

Keep in mind that refunds cannot be reversed.


Please note the following limitations of PayPal:

  • Any refund must be completed within 60 days of payment. Otherwise, seller will have to send money back to the buyer and potentially pay additional PayPal fees.
  • PayPal fixed fees are not refundable. Variable fees are. Learn more.
  • PayPal seller accounts must be verified business accounts.
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