Bulk Fulfill via CSV Upload

If you're using a fulfillment partner that Celery doesn't have a native integration with, you still might want to bulk fulfill orders in your Celery dashboard. 

What this feature does
  1. Mark all orders as "Fulfilled". 
  2. Add the courier and tracking number to to each buyers' order shipped email and order lookup page.
How to bulk fulfill via CSV upload
  1. Format your fulfillment CSV to the Fulfillment CSV Upload Format.

  2. Navigate to your orders tab and find the "Import Fulfillment" button.

  3. Select and upload the CSV file from your computer.

  4. The orders in the CSV will be updated to be fulfilled.
The Bulk Fulfillment CSV Format
  • Order Number - Required. Should be the Celery order number.
  • Date Fulfilled - Required. Should be in UTC ISO 8601 format. It looks like "2014-10-13T23:43:13.147Z" 
  • Courier Name - Optional. To indicate which courier is shipping the order.
  • Tracking Number - Optional. To include a tracking number with each order. 
Courier Name Mappings

Use this to ensure tracking numbers correctly link to the couriers website. 
  • Canada Post - canada_post
  • DHL - dhl
  • Fedex - fedex
  • Newgistics - newgistics
  • OnTrac - ontrac
  • USPS - usps
  • UPS - ups
Things to Know
  1. Don't include an order number that's already fulfilled unless you want it to be re-fulfilled. If you include an order number in the CSV that is already fulfilled, the order fulfillment information will be replaced. The order history will retain all prior fulfillment timestamps.
  2. Make sure the order numbers are valid. If there is an invalid order number in the CSV, the entire upload will be rejected.
  3. Support for non-english charactersWhen bulk importing orders you may find that non-english characters that are not appearing correctly. Instead of using Excel to open the Celery CSV file, open with Google Spreadsheets which supports many languages and characters.

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