Order Lookup Portal


When orders are placed, buyers receive a link to Order Lookup in their order confirmation email. Order Lookup is a self-serve portal where buyers can review and make updates to their orders.


  1. Allow buyers to update shipping or payment details themselves.
  2. Accept orders now and collect shipping addresses at a later date.

Getting Started

To lookup orders, buyers are required to verify their information with their order number and the email associated with their order. When a buyer updates a shipping address or credit card, both the buyer and seller will be notified by email (assuming email notifications are enabled). This action will also be recorded in the order's history.

IMPORTANT: For Stripe orders, updating the shipping address may change the shipping cost and sales tax. For orders paid with PayPal or Affirm, shipping and taxes will not change because these payment services do not allow changes to the order total.

For unpaid orders, buyers can:
  • Update shipping address
  • Update credit or debit card (for Stripe orders only)
By default, buyers cannot perform updates to paid order. This is the default setting and is implemented to prevent complications when fulfilling orders. However, sellers can toggle the safety feature off.

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