Fulfill with ShipStation


This integration allows you to automatically pass order details from Celery into ShipStation. A couple benefits include:
  1. Automate your entire fulfillment workflow.
  2. Ship using your carrier of choice (UPS, Fedex, etc).
  3. Bulk print packing slips and shipping labels.


  • Orders will become locked after they are sent to ShipStation and changes to the order cannot be made.
  • Orders should be paid before they are sent to ShipStation.
  • Please do not delete any products or SKUs in Celery that have have not been completely fulfilled.

Getting Started

1. Click the profile icon in the top right corner and select My Profile....

2. Click Selling Channels, then Store Setup and select Connect a Store or Marketplace

In the pop up, search and select Celery

3. Enter the your Celery credentials. This can be found in Settings > Apps from your Celery dashboard. The Enable ShipStation toggle should also be enabled.

For Username, enter your Celery User ID.
For Password, enter your Celery Access Token.


4. Please create your SKU mapping table in ShipStation before importing. If you skip this step, order details (i.e. item names) will be in the form of random letters and numbers.

5. To sync orders in Celery to "Awaiting Shipment" in ShipStation, you'll need to submit orders by clicking Fulfill with ShipStation. In the Celery order editor, click on the Actions dropdown and select Fulfill with ShipStation.

You may fulfill orders for ShipStation in batches through Bulk Actions. After your fulfill the order, the order's fulfillment status will change to "processing".

No email notifications are sent to your buyers when the Fulfillment status switches to "processing". When the order is fulfilled in ShipStation, the Celery order will update with tracking info and the Fulfillment status will change to "Fulfilled" - at this point, the Celery fulfillment email notification would be sent.

6. In ShipStation,
click on the sync icon to import your Celery orders into ShipStation.

7. To fulfill with ShipStation, click on Awaiting Shipment in the sidebar to view and take action on your "processing" Celery orders.

8. When an order is shipped in ShipStation and a label is generated, the tracking number is automatically synced with Celery. You will be able to check what actions were taken when a label is created by navigating to Shipments, then clicking the green checkmark next to an order. Here is a screenshot to help clarify: http://screencast.com/t/LHqs9uLmQ.

Fulfilling orders shipped outside ShipStation dashboard

If you shipped outside of ShipStation, you can choose the "Mark as Shipped" option for the order. Fill out the tracking information, choose a carrier, and then check the "Notify Marketplace?" box.  This will transmit the shipping information back to Celery and close out the order.

After a shipped order is synced with Celery, the following actions will take place:
- update Celery order with the tracking information
- change the fulfillment status to fulfilled
- send shipped email notifications to the buyers, if enabled

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