How do I customize emails?

IMPORTANT: Custom email templates do not receive automatic updates from Celery.


Celery uses Handlebars to template the email notifications that are sent to your buyers. This means that you can customize your emails with HTML, CSS, and basic templating logic.

One approach to customization is to use an email designer tool like Mailchimp and then paste the HTML code into the Celery editor and replace the dynamic information with variables.

How to Customize the Email Notifications

  1. Go to Settings > Notifications and click Edit on the email notification you want to customize.

  2. Select Custom Template in the dropdown menu and edit the body input box with your custom email template. You can use the Celery Order Variables listed below to insert order-specific data into your email.

  3. Click on Save and close when you're ready to save your changes. We also recommend previewing and placing a test order to confirm that the email is displayed correctly.

Celery Order Variables

Use the following variables to include dynamic information from the order in your email.

Order Basics

Data Variable
Order Number {{order.number}}
Order Date{{formatDateAndTime order.created 'YYYY-MM-DD'}}
Buyer Email Address {{}}
Note: If you'd like to insert the buyer email as part of the query string in a URL, please use {{encodeURIComponent}}. This will ensure that buyer emails with a `+` sign (e.g., will appear properly.

Shipping Address

Data Variable
First Name {{shipping_address.first_name}}
Last Name {{shipping_address.last_name}}
Address Line 1 {{shipping_address.line1}}
Address Line 2 {{shipping_address.line2}}
City {{}}
State {{shipping_address.state}}
ZIP/Postal Code {{}}
Country {{formatCountry}}
Phone Number {{}}

Order Prices

Data Variable
Discount {{formatCurrency discount currency}}
Balance {{formatCurrency balance currency}}
Subtotal {{formatCurrency subtotal currency}}
Total {{formatCurrency total currency}}
Paid {{formatCurrency paid currency}}
Refunded {{formatCurrency refunded currency}}
Shipping Price {{formatCurrency shipping currency}}
Taxes {{formatCurrency taxes currency}}
Line Total {{formatCurrency linetotal currency}}

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