Auto-add a product to the cart and skip the first step in checkout


If you want to skip the first step in the Celery checkout where your customers Add to Cart, like this step:

And you prefer to skip the step above and jump straight to the next step which is the Your Cart review like this page:

To achieve this, you'll want to add an extra step to the standard install or embed instructions by following the instructions below.


Note: This feature only works with Products at the moment and does not work with Collections.

You'll need to add this parameter snippet inside the opening tag of the element that launches your checkout on your website:
For example, if your standard overlay Celery checkout embed code looks like this:
<button data-celery="53d6f6ba8dd75c1c0059712f" data-celery-version="v2">Checkout</button>
You'll want to add the extra parameter into your overlay code like this:
<button data-celery="53d6f6ba8dd75c1c0059712f" data-celery-version="v2" data-celery-autoadd>Checkout</button>


It's also possible to auto-select an option or variation of your product. This can be done either separately or in conjunction with auto-adding a product to the cart.

If you'd like to auto-select a variant please see the article for Auto-Selecting a Product Variant.

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