How do I install Celery on my website?


Celery can be installed in two ways:
  1. Redirect the buyer from your website directly to the Celery shop page. This requires no technical knowledge.
  2. Install Celery as a pop up overlay. This requires that you copy-paste a snippet of code. 

Getting Started

Step 1: Select the product or collection you wish to show to your buyers

Navigate to your Products and choose your desired product or collection.

Step 2: Find installation instructions

Scroll to the bottom of the product or collection editor. 

Step 3: Choose your preferred installation instructions

1) A link I can share

This is a direct link to your Celery product or collection. It's most commonly used to to send social media and email subscribers a link to purchase.

2) An overlay on my website

Triggers your checkout when users clicks on a button or link on your site. This is the most common way to install Celery. 

3) Embed on my website

Embed the checkout directly on a page. This method looks like a more traditional checkout.

4) An installation with another 3rd party app

These guides provide more detailed installation instructions for site builders like Shopify, SquarespaceWordpress, Strikingly, and Cratejoy.

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