How do I refund PayPal orders from Celery?


To refund PayPal orders from the Celery dashboard, you must grant permissions to Celery.


Please note the following limitations of PayPal:

  • Any refund must be completed within 60 days of payment. Otherwise, seller will have to send money back to the buyer and potentially pay additional PayPal fees.
  • PayPal fixed fees are not refundable. Variable fees are. Learn more.
  • PayPal seller accounts must be verified business accounts.

Getting Started

1. Log in to your Merchant PayPal account.

2. Click the Profile icon and then click Profile and settings.
3. From the My Profile page, click My Selling Tools in the left navigation pane.
4. Make sure the Online Selling section is expanded. In this section, you will find a setting for API Access. Click the Update link on the right.
5. From the API Access page, click Grant API Permission in the left-hand box.

6. Enter "" in the input box and click on Lookup.
7. Select the following checkboxes and click on Add.
    - Issue a refund for a specific transaction.
    - Process your customers credit or debit card payments.
    - Issue a refund for any prior transaction.
    - Run dispute reports and issue batch refunds.

8. You can now refund PayPal transactions from the Celery dashboard.

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