How do I accept PayPal?

IMPORTANT: As of December 9, 2015, PayPal is not available to new Celery customers. After 2+ years with working with PayPal, we've determined that there are a number of limitations of PayPal that make it a frustrating experience for our sellers and their buyers.

Existing Celery sellers who are using PayPal will not be affected and will be able to accept new PayPal orders and charge/refund existing ones.


To provide pre-order functionality with PayPal, Celery is integrated with the PayPal Adaptive Payments feature.


Please note the following limitations of PayPal:

  • Pre-orders made with PayPal requires the buyer to have a PayPal account.  A buyer cannot choose the "buy as guest" option.
  • Pre-orders paid with PayPal cannot be charged if the order older is than 365 days.
  • Any refund must be completed within 60 days of payment. Otherwise, seller will have to send money back to the buyer and potentially pay additional PayPal fees.
  • PayPal fixed fees are not refundable. Variable fees are. Learn more.
  • Checking out with PayPal will redirect the buyer to the PayPal website (then redirect the buyer back to the shop page).
  • PayPal pre-orders / pre-approved payments totals cannot exceed USD$2,000 or its equivalent in other currencies per order.
  • PayPal seller accounts must be verified business accounts.
  • Sellers must maintain a positive PayPal balance to charge orders.

Getting Started

To enable PayPal payments on your account, please do the following:

  1. Go to the Payments Section in your Account Settings.
  2. Click on Add gateway and select PayPal. Then enter your PayPal email address.
  3. To refund PayPal payments from the Celery dashboard, view this article.


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