How do I setup taxes?

Celery calculates sales tax differently, depending on the country where the tax is being collected. To calculate the sales tax amount, the sales tax rate is multiplied against the order subtotal.

In the United States, Celery calculates sales tax rate based on seller and buyer ZIP codes. Celery differentiates between origin-based, destination-based, and modified-origin (California) states

In Canada, Celery allows sales tax rate to be set by province or territory.

For all other countries, Celery allows the sales tax rate to be set by the country.

To setup sales tax,

1. Go to
Settings > Taxes.

2. Click on 
Add Tax Country to add a new tax region.

3. Pick the country you will be shipping from.

4. For the United States, enter your the zip codes where your business has nexus. Click on Add ZIP Code then Save. For Canada, enter the sales tax rates for the provinces you want to collect sales tax. For all other countries, enter the sales tax rates for the entire country.

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