Installing Celery with Shopify


Please be aware of the following caveats before proceeding. 
  1. Celery works independently of Shopify.
  2. Installation will require a small edit to your Shopify theme files.
  3. Celery can be turned on/off by the merchant at any time. 

Getting Started

If you're comfortable with the above, please email We will require Shopify admin access to complete the installation. 


This tutorial assumes that you have registered a Celery account and have emailed Celery support for installation assistance.

Step 1: Re-create your product in Celery

You will need to import Shopify products into Celery manually. This means you will need to create the product once in Shopify and again in Celery. Once this is done, please locate the following URL from each specific product.

The product URL is found in the product editor page for each product.

Keep this in mind. You'll need it later.

Step 2: Set your Shopify product tag and handle

Inside the Shopify product editor, set the tag to "preorder". Doing so will hijack your current buy button to trigger a Celery checkout overlay. Removing it will disable Celery.

Below this, ensure that the product "URL and Handle" in Shopify matches your Celery product URL shown above. 

Please save your product and refresh your Shopify store. The buy button should change into a "Pre-Order" button. You will need to repeat this for each product that you plan to accept pre-orders for.

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