Installing Celery with Strikingly


Strikingly Pro Plan is required to install Celery. 

Getting Started

Step 1: Get your Celery product slug

Navigate to the appropriate product or collection in Celery and scroll to the bottom. 

The area highlighted above is your product slug. Copy only the portion after /page/ and save it for later. 

Step 2: Install the Celery app in Strikingly

Inside Strikingly, click “Add New Section” and select Apps & HTML Embeds from the section list. 

Step 3: Paste your Celery slug into Strikingly

Hover over a section of your Strikingly website and click "EDIT".

You'll be prompted to select an app from the Strikingly App store.

A box should appear that asks for your Celery slug. Please paste that in and you're all set!


1. Your Celery embed will not show on the site editor. To preview the embedded product, click the "Preview" button or click "Publish" to see the embed on your live site.
2. Your slug is only the text shown in Step 1. Pasting the entire URL is incorrect and will not work. 


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