How do I add a message to buyers before checkout?


You can add a message to your customers that they will see before they checkout and place their orders. This can be helpful if there's anything you want to re-confirm or address any concerns or common questions.

Here are some example reasons for using the Message to your Buyers field:

  • Reassure buyers that they will not be charged until the order ships.
  • Reconfirm with buyers when they should expect their products.
  • Any frequently asked question from your buyers that you'd like to reinforce and make extra clear.
  • Inform buyers that tax (especially GST or VAT) is already included in the product prices.
  • Any special information or requests you have for buyers - For example, "Email if you need special accommodations".

Getting Started

Step 1: Add text to the "Message to Your Buyers" input field in your Checkout Settings

Step 2: That's it! Your customers will now see your message on the last page of your Checkout.

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